How Do I Remove Wrinkles from Plastic Tablecloth?


Removing wrinkles from a plastic tablecloth is not a very hard task at all. Instead of using an iron as you would on a traditional cloth tablecloth, you will need a hair dryer. Pass the hairdryer, set on low, back and forth along the tablecloth smoothing the wrinkles with your hand as you go. Be careful not to melt the tablecloth.
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How Do I Remove Wrinkles From a Plastic Tablecloth?
Plastic tablecloths are easy to use and convenient for parties and other events. They wipe clean easily and with the wide array of available colors, they can be made to suit any decor. One of the biggest problems that comes with using plastic... More »
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1. Open your tablecloth and spread it out on the table you plan to use. 2. Turn on your hair dryer and aim it at the tablecloth, concentrating on the wrinkles. Keep the dryer moving
Answer An iron on low heat with a towel between the iron and the tablecloth.
Overview Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue and using your picnic table or have invited a group of children over for a birthday party and must cover your dining room table
this is gonna sound crazy, but, it works, put the table cloth over a table, like you were gonna use it, then throw a couple of sheets in the dryer and let them get pretty warm, then
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To remove wrinkles in a vinyl tablecloth, put the cloth in the dryer with a wet towel. You can also iron the tablecloth on a cool setting. ...
A vinyl tablecloth should not be ironed or placed in a hot dryer, since the plastics will melt. You can spritz it with water and lay it in a sunny location, this ...
1. Place the tablecloth on the floor or a large and flat crafting surface. If the tablecloth has folds or wrinkles, place heavy books on it and leave overnight ...
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