How Do I Repair a Car Dent Myself?


There are a number of dent repair kits on the market, and many of these kits include everything you need to remove and repair small dents quickly and easily. Locate the center of the dent, and drill a hole in the dent with a 1/8' drill bit, thread the dent pulling tool into the newly dilled hole, or attach the dent pulling tool to the plastic circle that is glued on the dent. After the dent pulling tool is in palce, pull on it to flatten the dent or pull it out. Carefully hammer the front of the dent using the metalworking hammer, while at the same time holding the dolly firmly against the back of the dent. It may be necessary to go underneath the car, or to open the trunk or hood of the car, in order to reach the back of the dent. Use a medium grit disk mounted on a drill to grind the paint down to the bare metal, extending the area out at least one inch around the dent itself. Then fill the entire area with a good quality body filler. Allow the body filler to dry completely, then carefully sand the area with sandpaper which has been wrapped around a block of wood. When sanding, begin with a 36-grit sandpaper and work up to a 120-grit sandpaper. Use a spray primer to prime the area, being sure to use a primer specially designed for automotive use. Six coats of primer should be used, allowing each coat of primer to dry completely before applying the next coat. Sand the primer using a 600-grit wet and dry sandpaper. This will help to remove any scratches. The area should then be touched up with a matching automotive paint. If the paint is not smooth, resand and repaint the area until you have a smooth surface.
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1. "Suck out" the dents with a plunger. This is an old and pretty reliable method. Place the plunger over the center portion of the dent and push in, just as you would for
In order to know how much it costs to repair a car dent you will need to specify several different factors such as the person that would be repairing the dent, the make and model
Generally the best way to repair a car dent, if you have the money, is to let your local mechanic handle it. If you feel confident enough to handle it yourself you can find a variety
1 Clean the repair area with soap and water to remove all contamination. This will help eliminate smearing the contaminates into the paint or metal. Many car soaps are designed to
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