How Do I Replace a Net on a Landing Net?


Remove the net from the landing net. To remove take it off from the sides until it collapses from the inside, then dispose of the old net. To replace with a new net, spread the net over the frame and glue it.
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1. Remove the old netting from the area of the tent that needs replacing by cutting it close to the tent edge, taking care not to cut the tent. Hold the netting tight in one hand
Generally the usable amount after deducting the floodplain area and other physically unusable property. Example: A 4-acre tract offered for sale at $100,000 had only 3 acres of net
If you throw the ball into the net, it is the other team's ball and is put back into play as if the ball had crossed the touchline to the left and right of hte goal. No point is awarded
Now, just because we can land the fish quicker with a landing net, that doesn't mean we should rush the net-job. You want to tire the fish enough to be able to lead it into the net
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