How Do I Replace a Newel Post?


A faulty newel post can compromise the whole staircase. First, you will need the following basic tools while replacing a newel post: a drill, screwdrivers, safety glasses, pliers and a utility knife. It is, however, recommended that you seek the help of a professional crafts-man, alternatively you can follow some guidelines for installation that are posted on the internet in various websites.
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There are basically two different types of wood newel posts available for stair handrail system, that is, the turned newels and box newels. The mounting of a stair post will involve several decisions depending on the newel being used. Cut your newel to length; screw the aluminium bracket to the bottom of the post on all 4 sides with the provided screws; set the newel in the mounting location; glue the edges of the base pieces and then brad nail (18 gauge) them to the post; making sure to not nail into the metal bracket.
To replace a newel post, locate and loosen the plug of the old post and remove the glue at the base using a putty knife. Next, pull out the old post and insert the new one. Ensure that it matches the stair fittings and replace the attachment plugs.
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1. Locate the plug on the underside of the banister next to the newel post. To loosen the plug, drill a pilot hole, insert a screw and use a pair or pliers to pull out the plug. Some
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( ′nü·əl ′pōst ) (civil engineering) A pillar at the end of an oblique retaining wall of a bridge. The post about which a circular staircase winds.
A newel, also the central pole, is the upright post which supports handrail of a stair
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A newel post is usually found at the base of a staircase. It is the post found at the end of the railings. The newel post can be round at the top or square but ...
In order to install a newel post you will need a drill, 1/8 inch drill bit and some finish screws. You will also need some shims, wood glue and a level. this project ...
1. Measure two inches up from the bottom of the post and make a single mark on three sides, right in the center of the post. Choose the three best sides. Insert ...
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