How Do I Replace Lost Paper Part of Driving Licence?


In compliance with EU rules, paper licences are now a thing of the past. They have been replaced with card licences and are a welcome development. As for replacement, the process is similar to application with online registration, detail confirmation and subsequent delivery.
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I used this link to replace mine, it will cost you £20, or go to the Post office and ask their advice.….
Not Legal Advice: If you lost it, you have to apply at T: 03007906801. Mon-Fri 800-2030 or Sat 800-1730. The fee is £20.00. report this answer. Updated on Saturday, February
Providing the licence was still valid and the details are the same, no you don't need to supply documents again. You can also do it by phone and online, if you prefer. Details here:
Replacing your driving licence if lost, stolen, defaced or ... How to replace your lost, stolen, defaced or destroyed driving licence. DVLA Guide > Drivers Licence and ID >
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