How Do I Reproduce My Painting?


There are many ways that you can reproduce your painting. The most common is of course redoing it. However, for the similar effect, you can use a tracing paper.
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1. Find the vintage art painting you would like to recreate. Cover this painting completely with tracing paper. 2. Trace the painting onto the paper with a dark pen. Make your trace
Either the 'Mona Lisa' or 'The Last Supper' both by da Vinci.
No body does lithographs anymore. The new printing is done with large format digital printers 6-8 colors one at a time on canvas or watercolor paper depending on the medium the art
You might try a local print shop in your area or scan a picture of ir onto your computer or take a good picture and scan it to your computer and go to this site online:
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In my personal experience, there is no specific word for a reproduced print of a painting that has been painted over with a different painting. A reproduced painting ...
Before Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the middle ages, reproduction of a book took years as each page had to be painted and painstakingly copied ...
He did more than one painting of a goldfish bowl. The one most often reproduced is in the Pushkin Museum, Moscow, and was painted in 1912. ...
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