How Do I Reset My Keyboard?


To reset your keyboard, click the 'Start' icon then choose 'Control Panel'. Choose 'Change Keyboards and other input methods' under 'Clock, Language, and Region'. Click 'Change Keyboards' and choose 'Properties'. You can then reset character repeat settings and the cursor blink rate. You can also enable the keyboard to accommodate foreign languages.
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1. Click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Click the "Change a Setting" choice in the left column. In the window that appears, double-click the "Keyboard
1. Enter the keyboard settings. Double-click "My computer" Click "Change a setting" in the left column. Double-click "Keyboard" icon. 2. Adjust the different
Backup Reset (Will delete your playings saved in Backup Flash Memory) Your keyboard should be turned off. Then, press the very right white key and hold it pressed while you turn on
Change all the settings you made back to where they were.
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