How Do I Restore My Netbook to Factory Setting?


To restore your netbook factory settings; tap the F9 key on your keyboard until you see a loading screen. The restore programs prepare the files needed for the operation. You need to confirm that indeed you want to undertake the function. This will restore your netbook to factory settings and without any action on your part.
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1. Turn on your Netbook. Press "Alt" + "F10" on your keyboard when you see the Acer logo. 2. Press "Enter" when prompted at the boot screen. 3. Follow
go to control panel and do a search for "system restore" if you have a D drive. if you dont have a D drive you will have to right click on your C drive and click format
User Guide:…. Page 33, 34. Using Lenovo OneKey Rescue system (without Windows. operating system) In the event that the operating system
To restore a Sylvania Netbook to factory settings, when
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When you purchased your laptop you should have received two discs. The operating system disc and the drivers disc. You'll want to first run the operating system ...
To restore factory settings on a computer, for instance a PC with Windows XP, first save and close the programs that you were using. Then, select the 'Start' button ...
1. Open the CD-ROM or DVD drive by pressing the button on the front of the drive. Insert the restore disk and close the drive. If you are using a restore partition ...
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