How Do I Restore the Clear Coat on My Car?


You can restore the clear coat on your car in a few different ways. You can either take it to a dealer auto body repair shop or a car detail shop and have them restore the clear coat for you. However you can also buy a clear coat restoration waxed from any reputable auto parts supply store these clear coat restoration products are also available in sprays, and even writing pen style applicators that will allow you to focus in on a specific area. These products are designed to restore surface scratches in the clear coat. Once you apply the product. All that is necessary is to wait a few minutes and then Buffy clear coat with a microfiber cloth if however you have a really deep scratch in the service of your automobile. It may be necessary to take it to a professional repair shop or detailing service to repair the scratch.
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How to Restore the Clear Coat on My Car
For older cars with severely damaged exteriors, restoring the clear coat is nearly impossible. Your best option would be to get an entirely new coat of paint. However, if your clear coat is only mildly damaged or dull, you can restore the shine yourself... More »
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To repair a scratch in the clear coat, first clean the car panel with warm soapy water. For scratches that have only penetrated the clear coat, the scratch can ...
The first step in fixing a deep scratch on a car is to apply a polishing compound. This will remove the clear coat on the exterior of the car. Next, it is important ...
Egging a car can cause permanent damage to the car's paint job. Because egg yolks are acidic, they can eat through the clear coat on top of the paint and damage ...
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