How Do I Resurface a Pool Slide?


To resurface a pool slide be sure the slide is clean. Check and repair any cracks and scratches. Determine what type of surface the slide is made of, and choose the appropriate paint. Coat the paint in a gel or glaze. Buff and polish the coating once it has dried to make sure the surface is smooth enough to slide on.
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How Do I Resurface a Pool Slide?
Pool slides are typically made out of fiber glass or another type of similar material. Since they are constantly kept out exposed to the weather and experience the constant damp of pool water, the slides can deteriorate over time and will eventually need... More »
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Start by inspecting all the parts of your pool slide. Most pool slides have steps and bars which can be covered with rubber grips for better traction. If it looks like any of these
You should use a gel coating. Some come in many colors and some even let you make your own color. The gel coating will give you the slippery fun you need for your slide.
How to resurface a gunite (or concrete) pool with fiberglass is explained in "Pool Resurfacing Made Easy" written in 1999 by Bill Nash, CEO of UGlassIt Pool Resurfacing,
A DIY kit for resurfacing your own table can be bought for
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There are a few different ways to resurface your pool and if you do the job yourself, you can save quite a bit of money. One product, Aquaguard 5000, is approved ...
To resurface a pool you will need a pump with intake and output hoses, a plastic mixer, a wheelbarrow, jackhammers, finishing trowels, muriatic acid, plaster cement ...
Swimming pools require resurfacing every 10-20 years. A professional resurfacing usually costs between $3.00-$4.00 per square foot. There are also options available ...
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