How Do I Retrieve Songs from I Tunes When It Says I Have to Locate Them?


When iTunes tells you to locate songs, you basically retrieve them from the folder in your hard drive where you have them saved. Itunes usually does this when you move the audio files to another location.
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have you tried updating the iTunes(not iPod) firmware.
good morning. I was going to look into this, but it appears it has already been done before, so no need for us to reinvent the wheel. :) Here are two people that have done this. The
If you purchased your music from the iTunes Store, then the music should be located in the Music Folder. Once your their, go to iTunes. From there, it should say iTunes Media. Click
If you've moved your iTunes music files around, iTunes can export incorrect information about the songs in its library. You'll need to make sure that iTunes has the correct folder
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