How Do I Roll a Blunt?


Blunt is a joint that is made from a tobacco leaf that is wrapped around pure cannabis cigar. To roll a blunt, you need individual blunt wrap, herb and ginger or scissors. Take the blunt wrap and uncurl it then fold in the same way as rolling a paper. Grind the mixture well using ginger or scissors. Spread plenty of the herb into the wrap and add a large roach to avoid wasting. Roll up the blunt while keeping the mouth end wide for easy take. Then at about half an inch left, lick all way to the bottom and then seal it.
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Get yourself some slow burning zig zags, grind the weed and then put the paper between your index finger and thumb, in which the paper should be folded in half, and pack it until there is weed along the brim of the paper. The next thing would be to press the weed down using the side without the glue and then roll it between your fingers back and forth until you are satisfied. You should then pull the non glue side down all the way to the packed weed and tuck it in and then pull the other side over and roll it around tight and finally, twist up the end on one side and light it.
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How to roll a good blunt, is a popular question. But unfortunately on this site, we are forbidden to give out illegal information, even if you do it for medicinal
Get off the weed. unless you have
After putting the tobacco inside the blunt paper, roll between your fingers to pack it
Steps on how to roll a blunt: 1.Lick your cigar & open it by cutting a straight line down the middle (from tip to butt) using a razor blade or just
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Blunts are what marijuana rolled up and ready to smoke is called. They look like cigarettes. Marijuana can also be smoked in bowls or in bongs but blunts are the ...
To roll a blunt with a blunt wrap take the wrap and wet the inside. Try to flatten the wrap before placing the weed content into the wrapper. Even the weed out ...
Rolling blunts can be an art to many people. Cigarette blunts are already rolled for you. However, if you have something else that you want to roll up into a blunt ...
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