How Do I Save a Excel 2003 File to a Excel 2007 File?


To save an Excel 2003 file as an Excel 2007 file, you will need to have Excel 2007 on the computer you are working on. Open the document, click Save As, and click on 'save as type' and change it to Excel 2007 document.
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1. Click to download the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack" from the Resources section below. Choose a directory on your local hard drive to save the file and click the
Default file format for Excel 2003: .xls. Default file format for Excel 2007: .xlsx. Note: You can't open lower version file format in upper version. If you want to do this then you
Not as easy really, actually not possiblle with excel files as far as I can take from there:
If you are using a trial version of Excel when that expires it is not going to work. It is not clear what version of Excel you have an actual license for. Help with saving Excel 2007
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1. Right-click on the Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation you want to convert and choose to open it with the appropriate Office 2007 program ...
1. Double-click the Microsoft Excel 2007 icon on your computer's desktop with the left mouse button. This will open the program and display a blank spreadsheet ...
You can download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Formats to install updates and converters for the earlier ...
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