How Do I Save iPhone Contacts to SIM?


The iPhone stores all of its contact information directly onto the phone rather than onto a SIM card. To store on the SIM card, Remove the current SIM card and insert the SIM card your contact information is stored on into the tray. Place the tray back in your phone and scroll down to the contacts portion of the list and press the button marked 'Import SIM Contacts'.
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1. Use a paperclip to push down on the SIM card tray release button on the top of your iPhone and pop out your current SIM card. 2. Remove the current SIM card and insert the SIM
A contact will not save on the sim unless you choose
Have done this before. But I know we can backup our iPhone contacts to computer. Use this iPhone contacts backup software to help you transfer all contacts and contacts photos from
Can't tell ya how to do it but just offering a word or caution. Be vary wary of deleting ANYTHING. I thought I had copied them over to a new sim, but not wanting to "double up&
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