How Do I Save to a Memory Stick?


Plug the memory stick into the USB port verify that the computer recognises the memory stick by looking at the text box that appears at the bottom of the screen, Save or copy and save the file to the flash drive. Click the file to be saved and copy it. Select the memory stick drive from the 'My Computer' folder and paste the file. You can also choose to open the file, and select 'Save As' and save it to the memory stick drive.
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1. Plug your memory stick in to the back of your computer. The memory stick probably has a USB connection. Find the rectangular port on the back of the tower and slide the memory
If you don't know how to use a memory stick, you might wonder how to get the data onto this little tiny device and how to access it. Fortunately, using a memory stick is fairly simple
well if you use the usb cable and hook the psp to a computer then put the psp on usb mode undersettings. you can access the psp's memory stick(it shows up as a removable disk) to
1. Plug the USB cord of the Media Hub into the second USB slot on the PS3. Turn the PS3 on. 2. Insert a memory stick into the memory stick slot of the Media Hub until it clicks into
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Usually a memory stick will plug into your usb port in your computer, so you would plug it in and then when you save something you would browse to where the stick is located and name your file and click save. Usually you would find it under my computer and it should be named storage device or similar.
To save to a memory stick simply plug the stick into any available USB port on your computer. When you are ready to save a document, simply click the save button and browse to the memory stick, type in a name for the file and click save. If the document is already on your hard drive simply open the memory stick and drag the file to it.
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