How Do I Say Good Luck in Greek?


You say good luck in Greek with the words ???? ????! ,which is pronounced as 'Kalí tíhi'. The words are written in the Greek alphabet which is very different and older than the English alphabet. Good luck is an important factor to the Greeks and bidding a person good luck is seen as a good gesture that shows kindness towards the recipient.
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καλή τύχη (kali tihi)
1. Check the time. Greeks say "kalemera" as a morning greeting, "kalo apoyevma" to say "good afternoon, and "kalespera" to say "good evening.
1. LOVE(noun) αγάπη(Greek noun)AGAPI. Ad. 2. LOVE(verb) αγαπώ(Greek verb)AGAPO. 3. To tell your partner: 'I love you' is easier in
There are a lot of myths surrounding why this play is considered "bad luck." For those unaware of the superstition, in a nut shell it is considered bad luck to mention or
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According to the 'omniglot' website, the Greek phrase for Good Luck is ???? ????i. Correct pronunciation of this statement requires lots of practice and repetition to master; an audio Greek dictionary may prove to be very useful.
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