How Do I Say Good Luck in Polish?


'Good luck' in the Polish language, whose main speakers are the people of Poland, is 'Powodzenia'. You can get a proper audio pronunciation of this word from the Forvo website. The phrase 'Goodbye and good luck' in Polish, is 'Do widzenia i powodzenia .'
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Hello in Polish is witaj. Have a good day in Polish is Milego dnia!. Have a great day in Polish is Przyjemnego dnia and I feel great in Polish is Czuje sie wspaniale. You can find
Good luck in Polish is "powodzenia". Thank you for doing the ChaCha with me tonight!
1. Take out any gum, lozenges, or mints. Pronouncing words in a foreign language requires you to have full control of your tongue. 2. Say "Czesc" to simply say "Hello
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