How Do You Say Goodbye in Thai?


To say goodbye in Thai, you say 'Sawatdi'. Thai language is used by people who live in and around Thailand. The Thai people are a dominant ethnic group of Thailand.
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La korn = Good bye or bye bye.
There are two ways to say goodbye in German. One is a formal goodbye for business and strangers and that is auf Wiedersehen. The informal ade, pronounced a day, is the way you would
Goodbye in Thai is pronounced: la-gon. You can also use sawat-dee f...'goo...
1. To say goodbye formally in German, say "Auf wiedersehen. This literally means "until we see each other again. You can use this when you end a meeting with somebody. How
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Saying goodbye in Thai is 'sa wat dee.' This is also used for good morning, hello, and good evening in much the same way as aloha is used to mean many different ...
La korn = Good bye or bye bye. ...
In Thailand, the general greeting equivalent to "hello" is "sa-wat dee." "Sa-wat dee" is also used to mean "goodbye." However ...
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