How Do I Say Happy Birthday in Chinese?


Happy Birthday in Chinese is said as 'Sheng ri Kuai le'. The Chinese characters to this are '????'. Happy Birthday is a good luck wish and greeting that is bestowed on people during their birthdays.
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Happy Birthday in Chinese is said in different ways depending on the dialect. It is said as 'Sun Yat Fai Lok!' in Cantonese, 'San Ni Kuai Lo!' in Fuzhou Chinese and as 'Sang Ngit Fai Lok!' in Hakka Chinese. Follow this link to see how Happy Birthday is said in other Chinese dialects, as well as in other languages;
To say 'happy birthday' in Chinese, you say 's??ƒ?ÿangyaht faailohk' in Cantonese Chinese while in Mandarin you say 'qu ni sheng er kuai le'. Chinese uses a different alphabet so when you write it out in English, the pronunciation is as it is written.
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