How do you say "happy birthday" in Spanish?


The formal way to say "Happy birthday" in Spanish is "Feliz cumpleaños," but most native Spanish speakers will shorten it to simply "Cumpleaños" or "Felicidades" which means congratulations.

English speakers do not generally congratulate people on their birthdays, but in most Spanish-speaking countries, it is customary and correct to use that in place of "happy birthday." The phrase "¡Felicidades en tu día!" is another birthday greeting and translates to "Congratulations on your day!" It is important to note that the word "tu" is the familiar form. For people that are not known well, an individual should use the more formal "su" in place of "tu" for the word "your."

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1. Happy birthday in Spanish is "Feliz Cumpleaños. Feliz is pronounced the same as in Feliz Navidad (think Jose Feliciano) - fell-eez. Cumpleaños is a bit tougher
feliz cumpleaños Diego.
In Spanish, the phrase 'happy birthday' is translated into 'feliz cumpleanos.
1. Start with the basics. The word in Spanish for "happy" is. feliz. Ad. 2. Add. a form of the verb. estar. (to be) to indicate who is happy and to make it a complete sentence
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Feliz cumpleaños is Spanish for Happy Birthday.
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To sing the song in Spanish you need to sing with same rythm, but the lyrics are the following: Feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos ...
To say 'happy birthday' in German, you either say 'Alles Gute zum Geburtstag', or 'Herzlichen GlŸckwunsch zum Geburtstag'. The German pronunciation is similar ...
To wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish, say 'Te deseo un feliz cumplea?os.' 'Que todos tus deseos se vuelvan realidad' means 'may all your wishes come true. ...
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