How Do I Say I Love You in Welsh?


'I love you' translates to 'i dy garu di' in Welsh. The modern Welsh language can be classified into Colloquial and Literary language, with slight differences in tenses and verb forms. 'Tha gradh agam ort' is how the speakers of Scottish Gaelic say 'I love you.'
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Dw i’n dy garu di (pronounced doo een duh GARee dee) is Welsh for I Love You.
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'Cariad' is the Welsh translation for the word 'love'. A common phrase in Welsh using the word love would be 'Dw i'n dy garu di' or 'Rwy'n dy garu di' which means 'I love you' in English. Welsh language is natively spoken in Wales.
To say I love you in Welsh is, 'Rwy'n dy garu di'. Welsh is a Celtic language that is spoken in Wales by about 659,000 people and also in the Welsh colony in Argentina and Patagonia by several other people. There are also other Welsh speakers in England, Canada, Scotland, Australia and the USA too.
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