How Do I Scan a Photo onto My Computer?


Flatbed or all in one machine will do--flatbeds are a little better due to streaking issues with all in one machines. Tape multiple photos to a regular piece of white unused printer paper, putting as many on without overlapping them and leaving a small space between. Place paper in scanner and scan image to computer. Eliminate any borders created by the white paper with the program. Also fix any other problems at this time and save. Your photos are complete. Upload to the internet for photo sharing, making money, or website images.
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This depends on the type and quality of your source material, what you intend to do with the images, and how much you are willing to spend. If your source material is a printed photograph
1. Hook up a scanner to your computer. A desktop scanner typically has two cords. One is an electrical cord, and the second is a cord that connects to your computer. 2. Plug the Universal
You would need to have a scanner hooked up to your computer. An alternative method would be using a digital camera to take a picture of the photo and transferring it that way.
Sounds like you don't have a scanner connected. If you seriously don't have that device, you could alternatively take a digital photograph of it. Scanner can run about $100 or more.
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Photos can be transferred from an SD to a PC using multi-card USB readers. Just slide your SD in the multi-card slot, plug it to your PC and press the transfer ...
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