How Do I Sell Matchbox Cars?


Find out what collectors are buying, and how your pieces compare. Advertise locally in newspapers or free online classified ads. Explore specialty collectible toy sites. These sites allow you to buy or sell collectible toys. Join a club with similar interests. Put your cars up for sale online through auction sites such as eBay. Subscribe and read literature on collecting and selling these cars.
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1. Understand their value so you can get a fair price. Find out what collectors are buying, and how your pieces compare. Use historical pricing in past auctions, books or word of
The Classical Matchbox Diecast Alloy Car has an original selling price of $33.34. Some Matchbox pieces are worth hundreds more than their original price today! report this answer.
1. Find an empty matchbox. Ad. 2. Stick a eraser on the top of the matchbox. This will work as the car's roof and interior area. 3. Use bottle caps for the wheels. Stick on the bottle
metal and plastic.
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Matchbox car is a popular toy brand introduced by Lesney Products in 1953 and is now owned by Mattel, Inc. The toy cars got its name because of the packaging. ...
The scale of matchbox cars will vary depending on what type of car is being discussed. The smaller of the cars will be 1:64 in size while the larger of the cars ...
Matchbox cars are usually worth about $4 to $100 each. Value is determined by date, rarity, condition. Limited edition cars or cars still in boxes are worth more ...
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