How Do I Send a Money Gram?


To send a money gram you first visit a Money Gram agent and show your legal identification. The next step is to fill the send form with your name, the recipient's name, the amount to be sent, the expected place where the money will be picked up by the recipient, and any special instructions. Pay the amount of the Money Gram, plus a fee. Lastly speak to the receiver of the Money Gram and give him or her reference number for the transaction and the secret code if it is there.
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How to Send a Money Gram
It's nice to have the option to send a money gram to someone who may be in need of some quick cash. But it can also be costly depending on the amount of money you need to send. A money gram can be sent in a matter of minutes, and the recipient is... More »
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To send a money gram, you will visit an in-store money gram agent or the money gram website. Next, show a form of legal identification and then fill out the 'Send' form. This form will require your name, the recipient's name, the amount to be sent and the area where the recipient will pick it up. Next, pay for the money gram plus a particular fee. Finally, you can contact the recipient of the cash to give the reference number.
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1. Find the nearest money gram location close to you. This can be done by looking in the phone book, checking out your local grocery store, or even searching online to find the closest
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Go to They are far less expensive than Western Union. You can send it as a money-in-minutes pickup or 3-5 business day pickup, same as WU. And you
It depends on the location where you are sending the money to. For example, from$3...
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