How do I set my Armitron watch?


To set your Armitron watch, hold it so the face of the watch is towards you. There are buttons at each 'corner' at the 2, 4, 8 and 10 locations. Press the one at 10 until the numbers flash. Press and hold again. Seconds should begin moving on own. The 4 button moves the seconds forward. The 2 button flashes the minutes. Press the 4 button to set. Repeat previous actions, making sure you're have AM/PM correct. Repeat pressing 2 and 4 for date.
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Most Armitron watches have four buttons that surround the face of the watch. These buttons will allow you to set the time, date, and the alarms. You can find more info at:
You can set your Armitron watch by accessing the time-setting screen and pressing and holding the 'A' button on your watch. Press the 'B' button on your App Sport and advance the flashing setting indicator to the hours place. Press the 'C' button and adjust the hours to the desired place.
Use the four buttons on the outside of the watch face to set your Armitron watch. Press and hold the button at the 10:00 position until the numbers start flashing. Press it again until the seconds begin to flash. Press the button at the 4:00 position to change the seconds. Hold down the button at the 2:00 position until the minutes start flashing, then press the 4:00 button until the correct number displays. Press the 2:00 button to display the hour, then press the 4:00 button to set the correct hour. Press the 2:00 button again to set the date. Press the 4:00 button to change the days. Press the 2:00 button to display the month, then press the 4:00 button to select the correct month.
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