How do I Set the Clock in my Car?


How you set the clock in your car depends on what kind of clock and what kind of car you have. Most car clocks have a program button. All of this information is in the car owners manual. If you do not have your manual they can be downloaded online from your manufacturers website.
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1. Turn your ignition key to the "Acc" or "On" position, but do not crank the engine. 2. Hold the minute arrow (MIN) for two seconds to enter programming mode.
The way to set an atomic clock is to first gently install the batteries, by removing the battery cover. If a screw driver is needed us extreme caution to prevent breaking the cover.
To set the clock on Addzest ADX 5455 car radio, locate the "band" button. Pressing this button will bring up the clock setting display function. Using the indicated keys
1. Grip the clock's base firmly in your hand, keeping it steady and still. 2. Insert the clock key over the winding arbor and repetitively twist the key until you meet with resistance
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To set an atomic clock, you need to remove the battery cover on the clock and enter the program mode by holding down the appropriate button. Push the button down ...
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