How Do I Set up a Conference Call?


A conference call is used to communicate simultaneously with multiple people over the phone. To set up a conference call: dial the phone number of the first person you want to invite to the conference call. Tell the person to hold. Press the More button on your phone followed by the Conference key. Then call the next person for the conference call. When he/she answers, tell the person that you are joining them to the conference call and press the Conference key to join them to the other caller. Repeat the process for any other callers you wish to add into the conference call.
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1. Log in to the website for your company conference call provider. Depending on company preference, there may be one login ID for the company or each employee may have a unique login
There are several different programs that can be used for setting up a conference call. Some options include: budget conferencing, go to webinar, and on conference.
1. Schedule and. plan. Be mindful. of others' schedules when you decide on the time. If other attendees are in different areas, businesses, or. time zones. make sure you are not interfering
1. Dial a number and wait for the recipient to answer. 2. Enter the number of the next person that you want to call with the first person still on the line. Press "Send. The
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How to Set Up a Conference Call
Conference calls allow a convenient way for people to collaborate without the expense of business travel. The conference call technology makes it possible for multiple people to call into a single phone number so everyone on the call can listen to and... More »
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