How Do I Set up a Dog Walking Business?


You should first get yourself a criminal records check certificate, as well as public liability insurance. This will reassure the people whose home you are entering that you are trustworthy and professional. You should be able to have a friendly confidence towards the customers and their dogs. Advertising for your dog walking business must be varied and continuous. Your new business will provide you with many moments of pure happiness as you see the dogs in your care flourish and mature as a result of your daily or weekly care. As long as you advertise relentlessly, even with a full book of customers, and bite your tongue when certain clients are unreasonable, you are destined for a very satisfying and rewarding income.
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You start a dog walking business much like you would start any other business, with a solid business plan. Then you would want to find some backers to finance the business. Start
1. Walk a friend's or family's dog. Make sure you are comfortable with walking dogs, and ask your friend or family member if they can offer a reference for your business after you've
1. Gather references for the dog walking service. You should have prior experience taking care of dogs before emBARKing on this venture. Ask the owners of the dogs you have taken
Everyone else's answers (thus far) are wrong. Do you think Yuppies want an unimaginative minimum-wage earner to mind their beloved quadruped? If so, go with one of the names already
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To set up a dog walking service, start by marketing and advertising your business. It is recommended that you have a Public Liability insurance to cover any unforeseen ...
Dog walking business names should be catchy and stand out from the crowd. They can be cutesy in reference to dogs and puppies. Dog walking business names can include ...
If you live in an apartment complex you can usually start a word of mouth business. Many people will have dogs that need to be walked and may just want you to ...
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