How Do I Set up a Lottery Syndicate?


T o set up a lottery syndicate, request a free syndicate kit online and find out everything you need to know to get your syndicate started. It's important to draw up a group agreement in preparation of that big win. You can now download a free template of a syndicate agreement. 1 in 4 Lotto jackpots are won by a syndicate.
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A popular way for many people to play the lottery is to band together and form a syndicate. It sounds easy but it can be a minefield in the event of a considerable win no matter how
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A lottery ticket syndicate is simply an organisation of friends, family members or colleagues forming a team to play lottery, and it is always available at your main ticket vendors. The first step should be appointing a leader whose responsibilities include managing the syndicate, collecting ticket money and distributing prize money according to the agreement. The syndicate is held together by a formal agreement which can be helpful in case a dispute arises and it can also serve you big time.
To set up a lottery syndicate, you need to review the rules that are set out under the National Lottery game rules. Once you have the guidelines, decide on who you want to participate, the prize for each draw. Register the lottery in accordance with the Inland Revenue law, appoint a manager or management team to run and oversee the whole lottery syndicate.
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