How Do I Sew a Double Stitched Seam?


Sewing a double stitched seam can ensure your stitching has that much more reinforcement. To sew a double stitched seam, stich a 5/8' standard seam with the right sides of your fabric together. Next, stitch 1/8' from the seam line into the seam allowance. Trim the allowances close to the stitching.
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a double stitched seam is like a plain seam but double going up one way and down the other way
1. Thread your needle with 30 inches of thread. Knot the ends together. 2. Pull the edges of the opening out to the sides and tuck the raw edges in. Pin the edges of the seam together
Overlaid is also known as the Run and Fell seam. It's worked from the inside and the seam is sewn up, part of the allowance is trimmed away and the other allowance is pressed over
Typically, on a commercially sewn product, the seams would be overlocked with a 3 thread overlock, so no seam allowance, and finished with coverstitch hemming. On a home sewn product
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To begin to sew a double stitched seam you will sew a straight stitch five-eights of an inch from the edge of the fabric with right sides facing each other. You ...
To sew a seam, begin by placing your fabric front to back. Set your sewing machine to the desired stitch. Press the foot pedal and make a couple of forward stitches ...
1. Experiment with a standard straight seam. Determine the stitch length and tension that produces the nicest seam from your particular machine. Practice sewing ...
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