How to Sharpen a Chainsaw?


To sharpen chainsaws you have two options to getting the chain sharpened which are: take the chain to a saw sharpening company or sharpen it themselves with a sharpening kit which can be time consuming but in turn it is cost effective.
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Sharpening a Chain Saw
Sharp chain saws chew through wood quickly and with little effort from the operator, but the cutters on chains dull rapidly. Cutters are the slightly curved protrusions on the chain and are responsible for slicing into the wood. When expelled wood... More »
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To sharpen chainsaw one can take the chainsaw to a sharpening company or buy a sharpening kit.
A chainsaw is normally sharpened by using a sharpening kit. All that is required to correctly sharpen the chain is a pair of protective gloves for the operator and a chainsaw filing kit comprising of: A chainsaw file gauge,?a round chainsaw file the same gauge as the chain on the saw, a flat file to file the depth gauge on the teeth.
Place the file guide over the cutter, lay the file on the guide and align it with the witness marks and file each cutter until you've removed all signs of damage. Follow this link for more details
Some of the tools you will need to sharpen the chainsaw include: * a filing guide and round files * a depth-gauge guide and flat * a stump vise (optional) for in the field sharpening For detailed information, please visit the source.
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