How do I shrink a nylon shirt?


You can shrink a nylon shirt by washing it in hot water and preferably adding a half cut of ammonium to stop it from color fading. Put it in the clothes dryer on a medium setting for about 15 minutes and in case it does not shrink to the wanted size repeat the process using a medium-hot dry setting.
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How to Shrink a Nylon Shirt
Nylon is a strong, lightweight synthetic material commonly used in shirts and other clothing. Synthetic materials can be more difficult to shrink than natural fabrics such as cotton. Check the tags on your nylon shirt to determine if there is a mix of... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
Just like many other fabrics, to shrink a nylon shirt the easiest way would be to wash it in hot water. You can add 1/2 cup ammonia to prevent the fabric from fading then put the shirt in the clothes dryer and dry on a medium setting. Let the dryer continue to run about 15 minutes after the shirt is dry. If the shirt has not shrunk to the desired size, you can repeat the wash and dry process, using a medium-hot dryer setting.
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