How Do I Split Bleeding Hearts?


If you want to split up bleeding hearts, you need to first dig the plant up. Once the plant is dug up, you can then split the plant in half. If the plant is getting too big, you will want to do this.
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1. Plunge a spade into the ground next to the plant. To do so, point your spade onto the plant and give it a good push straight down next to the plant by stepping on the shoulder
1. Start by drawing two circles. They should overlap slightly, and one should be a bit bigger than the other, but don't worry about getting it exactly right. Ad. 2. Draw a triangle
Now while the plant is in flower is not a good time to divide it ,ideally you should wait until spring when the plant is starting to throw out shoots cut a section of the main plant
A bleeding heart is a flower. They are very rare, and look like a heart that is red that is bleeding on bottom tip. They are cool flowers, though can be poisonous.
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How Do I Split Bleeding Hearts?
Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis) is an old-fashioned, hardy perennial plant that blooms with white or fuchsia flowers that seem to drip from arching stems in May and June. Some people describe the flowers as looking like breeches. Bleeding hearts... More »
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