How Do I Start a Campsite?


Starting a camp site should begin by one getting a suitable location based on their camp site theme. One should also ensure that there are enough site support systems like lodges, swimming pools and feeder roads that make your site accessible. The most important part of the starting process is to ensure that the camp site one is setting up adheres to the set council rules and regulations.
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To start a campsite, you will need a large clean area with access to water. Make sure that the area is well covered and does not have any snake bills or anthills. You will also need to get a camping license if you are planning to run the campsite for more than a month. To set up the site you will need shelters in the form of secure tents that are easy to pitch, cooking utensils, firewood, matchsticks etc. for cooking food, sleeping bags, a make shift bathroom and list of activities you want to do on the campsite. Make sure that you keep fire extinguishers, first aid box, and emergency medicines handy on the campsite. Learn more about setting up a campsite at
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