How Do I Start Childminding?


To become a childminder the Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) will first inspect you to ensure that you meet the national standards such as: ensuring you’re suitable to be with children, checking that you provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment, giving children opportunities for learning and play. It also makings sure that you’ll work in partnership with parents before they register you.
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Yep. Ask if he can have a try out for a couple of hours to see how he gets on before you decide on a permanent placement. Ask about behaviour management. Does it meet your expectations
Before you start to look for a childminder or nanny, think about what kind of person you want to care for your children. What level of qualification or experience is important to
Contact the Childcare Development Officer for the area you are considering. See contacts list.
What equipment will I need? It really depends on what age of children you will be caring for but if you plan to care for all ages you will need a variety of equipment, however not
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To start childminding, one needs to register as a childminder at the local authority. You do not need any qualifications to apply but once registered, you have to undertake training within 6 months of registering. You also need to complete a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course and obtain a certificate. For more information, visit
To start childminding, you need to enjoy working with children, to be able to work from home and have enough space available. To be certified you will have to undergo a childminder's course. It begins with a home-based diploma course and a Pediatric First Aid course for certification. All childmiders have to undergo inspection in order to get registered by Ofsted or the Office for Standards and Education. If you wish to learn more on childminding go to
To start childminding you first need to register with Ofsted. You will be given an application pack after attending a preregistration seminar. After finishing the application you need to pay the required fee. You will then need to apply for a CRB disclosure and take first aid classes. If you have met the requirements you will be given a Certificate of Registration. With this, you can start working as a childminder.
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