How Do I Start My Own Catering Business?


To start your own catering business you have to consider the type of services that you want to offer the suppliers make sure you have enough capital for the business .
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1. Create a Website. Start your own website to advertise and maintain your catering business. You can promote all of your dishes, take orders, book dates and serve your customers
1. Think about what food you love to make. Catering, like any other business, should be rooted in a genuine interest and passion. Consider the following types of food you could focus
1. Check your city/state regulations about health codes, licenses, certifications, etc. - 2. Decide on a budget: how much you want to spend on supplies, if
1. You'll need to get a domain name for your website. The success of your site will depend on how well you market and promote your website, and marketing and promotion starts with
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