How Do I Start My Own Dance Group?


To start a dance group, you need to jot down the specifications; like who will be doing what, and who you expect to have as part of the team. After solidifying your core leadership, find sufficient audition and rehearsal space and then look for dancers. After your dance group is formed, have rehearsals and also organise for performances.
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1. Decide on the number of dancers need for the dance group. Promote and advertise auditions for a new dance group. Purchase advertisements in newspapers, on radio and on TV. Promote
well first you have to get a place to practice. then get girls or boys or both. you need a choreographer or someone who can dance. music. an outfit for them to wear. and a positive
Yeah I've done this years ago when I was starting out. All I can tell you is that (at least here in the US) 99.9% of dancers are flakes, they are a total waste of time, so be ready
I usually just dance in my basement (it's a wreak though, since my little sister hogs the computer and gets mad when I need to watch the dance videos, lol) I'd start with asking people
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First, you have to choose the place where you will start your dance group. Then you have to get some professional dancers and to prepare and train your dance group ...
To start a hip hop dance group, you will need to pick some of your gifted or talented friends and those with potential. Get a dress code for your group and a ...
Begin by putting together your group and practicing. To find others who are interested, look to social media and consider placing an ad for those who are interested ...
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