How Do I Set up a Mobile Hairdressing Business?


To start you own mobile hairdressing business, you first need to assess the competition in the area, and figure out how your business will be different from the other mobile hairdressers. You will also need a car, a good variety of hairdressing products, and a small customer base (e.g. family and friends) from which to launch your business.
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1. Write a business plan. Writing a business plan will allow you to list goals that you want to achieve within your business. Within the business plan it is a good idea to ask yourself
Some examples of mobile hairdressers' businesses in London include Livia Mobile Hairdressing and Jane's Mobile Salon. These businesses can be contacted at 07743744898 and 07949220567
1. Take classes. If you have not yet done any financial recordkeeping for a business, then you'll want to take classes in accounting at a local community college or online. You don't
1. Choose your product. Choose a company name based on the product or service you will provide. It's not essential that you have a company name, but in the future customers will need
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