How Do I Start My Own Preschool?


The most important step in starting your pre school is the licensing requirements. The rules vary all across the nation, so gaining basic knowledge will be invaluable. After you have meeting the licensure requirements, you should write a business plan. Some questions are fairly standard like maximum enrolment capacity, part-time or full-time, among others Outside of establishment costs, you need to take upkeep expenses into consideration. Once you've gotten your preschool set up and ready for opening, finding students is the final step which involves thorough advertising. After your preschool is up and running, you'll need money for janitorial services and safety maintenance.
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To start your own preschool you will first want to check with your state to find out if you need a special license. As far as your own education goes, taking classes or getting a degree in early childhood education would be a good idea. Some states have financial help for people who want to start preschools/daycares.
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