How can you stop a credit card payment?


The first thing to do to stop a credit card payment is to ascertain whether the complaint falls within the requirements to dispute the charge. If these are met, one should then contact the credit card issurer and follow up the case. The issurer must then send an acknowledgment of the complaint within 30 days and proceed to resolve it within a period of 90 days, which is equal to two billing cycles.
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How to Stop a Credit Card Payment
When you pay with a credit card, you have some protection against problems with your purchase. If the item is defective and the merchant will not fix or replace it, or if you never received the item you ordered, you can stop the credit card payment. You... More »
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A customer cannot stop payment on a credit card once they have authorised it, in the way you can stop payment from say a cheque. Your credit card company will send some dispute forms for you to fill in, those will then be passed to their legal team, who will then examine into it and try and get the money back. You should follow up with the credit card company to see if they would like any additional documentation or information from you and this process may be long and tortured.
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