How Do I Stop Grass from Growing in My Flower Beds?


One of the best ways to stop grass from growing in you flower beds is to use a weed mat when planting. A weed mat is a thick material placed on the ground before you plant. You will need to make small cuts in the weed mat to plant your flowers. You can put mulch or landscaping rocks right on top of the weed mat which will also prevent the grass from growing.
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1. Use landscape fabric to prevent weeds and grass from germinating. If you're in the planning stage of your flowerbed project, you can include landscape fabric. Lay the fabric over
You can not really put anything in your flower beds to prevent grass, but if you happen to get grass in your flower beds, there is a product called Ortho Grass B Gon Garden Grass
you say its a flower bed do you plant only seasonal displays in it? or is it permanent planting ? if you remove the plants after flowering etc before you replant i would spray the
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