How Do I Stop Loving My Ex?


To stop loving your ex, avoid contacting him/her and do away with items that would prompt memories of times you shared together. Try engaging in other activities that would help you get your mind off him/her, for example, hanging out with friends. You could also take time to enjoy your hobbies, which may include painting or playing instruments.
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How to Stop Loving Your Ex
Love is an emotion, not a choice; therefore, it's impossible to stop loving someone completely. But you can make a conscious decision to walk away from choices that have led you nowhere, or into more pain. To stop loving someone, you must start loving... More »
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1. Walk away from a painful relationship and don't come back for more. If you do, you're kidding yourself. Will merely walking away do the trick? Probably not, if you still love the
To stop loving someone is not necessarily something that you do. It is something that just happens, or it is a realization that occurs somewhere along the way. Sometimes what we think
If you need to stop loving someone then you probably should not have loved them in the first place. Your perception of them is wrong. You need to think about how they treated and
That is not necessary. Just stop longing for her. To stop longing for her, start doing stuff. lots of stuff. Figure out a way to start spending your time doing for others; all of
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There are a number of ways to stop loving your ex. Individuals are advised to cut off all lines of communication and this includes emails, calls, and instant messages ...
To get your ex-girlfriend to love you again, you may need to stop doing whatever made her stop loving you. You can also buy an ex-girlfriend flowers or candy as ...
Take it from me, you can not stop loving. I have been trying to stop for the last two years but it has not happened yet. In fact, the more time I spend away from ...
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