How Do I Stop Male Dog Marking in the House?


The best way to stop a male dog from marking in the house is to neuter the dog at a young age. If this is not an option, then supervise the dog and catch him in the act enough times to break the habit. Use a shaker bottle to correct behavior instead of physical punishment.
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1. Have your male dog neutered by a veterinarian. An intact male dog is much more likely to mark his territory inside the home than a neutered one. 2. Supervise your male dog at all
train it to go outside or where you want it to go for a poop like take my advise or buy a book my advise is doggy a dog mat and the smell of it makes it move to the mat for a poop
First you want to get an odor-eliminating spray so that the dog is not tempted to mark the same area over and over again. You need to watch him like a hawk and correct the behavior
1. Try to discern the intent. If your dog (usually a male) lifts his leg and urinates on an object, he is marking. This is done to an upright object most often, such as a chair leg,
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One of the most effective ways in stopping a male dog from marking territory in a house is to neuter them. One can also stop this behavior with close supervision ...
There are a few things you can try to make your dog stop marking. First, you can neuter the dog, which has shown to be effective early on. Second, you can catch ...
1. Watch him closely and stop him when you see him lifting his leg to mark his territory in the house. Put your dog in just one area of the house, such as the ...
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