How Do I Stop My Dog from Digging under the Fence?


There are many options for stopping your dog from digging under the fence.  One way is discipline, simply watch the dog and every time they begin to dig reprimand them by saying no in a firm voice.  Another option is to buy invisible fencing.
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1. First, find all of the previously dug holes in the fence, and fill them in. You don't want to give your dog an easy escape. Ad. 2. Next, let your dog out, but on a leash. Check
When your dog digs under your fence, he may be trying to escape something in the yard or your home. (See Reference 1) Reassure your dog that he is safe in his home environment, and
Line the bottom of the fence with bricks... That did it for my
if it is just in one area or even not go buy some chicken wire put it the whole he is digging in and cover it up when he start dig he will hit the chicken wire, you half to put it
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