How Do I Stop My Eyebrow Twitching?


Web MD reports that in most cases eye twitching is harmless and temporary. Experts think that cells in the brain may be misfiring. If the case involves constant eye twitching, reduce your intake of caffeine or visit your doctor who may prescribe medication and behavioral therapy.
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My mom has the same problem. For starters, get your eyes checked. You might be straining them. If you are like my mom, the answer is to get botox around the eyes. The only problem
This twitching is called a fasciculation. It is an involutary contraction of a bundle of muscle fibers, that happens because of a spontaneous action potential. Because these spontaneous
1. See your doctor if you experience night twitching. Although it is not likely, the twitches may be the symptom of a serious issue. Also, identifying the underlying cause is the
It could be allergies or a reaction to an itch. if it doesn't stop in a day't-my-dogs-e...
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