How Do I Stop My Feet Smelling?


The reason one feel smell is due to bacteria. Bacteria loves dark, damp places like sweaty shoes. To keep feet from smelling, wash them regularly with antibacterial soap. Change socks frequently and wear shoes that breathe.
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For a quick way to cover the smell (usually for milder cases): For shoes, you may spray them with Febreez or put several drops of essential oil in them. For your feet, you can use
A persons feet can smell when it begins to sweat. You must be sure to wash your feet and wear clean shoes and socks to avoid odor from your feet.
Wash them often and dry them well. At the minimum very morning and every night. Use inserts in your shoes, like Dr Scholls which absorb the smell. Put powder in your socks or shoes,
Well, you might not be able to stop stink completely. But if you cu...
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'Smell my feet,' is something a person may say to be rude to someone else or play a trick on that other person. Feet do not inherently smell good, especially when ...
Feet smell is caused by bacteria on our skin, which eat the sweat and excretes waste with a strong odor. It is advisable that after cleaning our feet, we should ...
It is not the sweat which makes feet smell so bad but the bacteria which grows in the presence of that sweat. Keep your feet clean and dry to prevent them from ...
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