How Do I Stop Pigeons Landing on My Roof?


Pigeons can be a nuisance especially when they leave their droppings on roof tops. The best way to stop pigeons from landing on your roof is by placing rubber snakes or plastic owls on the roof. Pigeons are prey to owls and snakes and fear them greatly.
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1. Seal all openings, such as under the eaves, from nesting birds. Use a bird netting or chicken wire with holes an inch in diameter or less. 2. Use an inflatable "predator"
has happened to me recently, in the front 2 corners of the sunroof are 2 plastic pipes about 30 mm long, on these are 2 flexible rubber tubes, which run down the door sill inside
Any food put out to feed birds on council land is classed as flytipping, and the council is cracking down on it. Notify the local housing office, or environmental health office, and
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Install plastic or metal spikes on ledges, window sills, roof peaks, or other flat or curved surfaces that pigeons might land or nest on. Consider a chemical bird ...
It's going to be dark and cold across the land if you don't all stop it right this very minute. I will unleash the flying monkeys, they will block out the sun, ...
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