How Do I Stop Slugs Coming into My House?


To stop slugs from entering the house, it is best to first trace the openings that they use to get in the house and plug them. Sprinkling salt in their path is also a good deterrent. Copper strips are also said to repel slugs.
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1. Change your mulch. If you have mulch around the outside of your home, you are providing the slugs with an ideal habitat. Rake up all of the old mulch and either throw it away or
I'm pretty sure they're coming in from outside, the trail always comes from one particular corner where the patio doors meet the wall so I think there must be a very small space they're
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Bait them outside with readily available bait or dry out the area.
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Slugs in the house might be a more common problem in northern areas rather than southern areas. Slugs often come into the house in order to find food or water ...
Slugs come inside the house during the cold season so as to get warmth. They get in through drain pipes holes outside the house or gaps on solid concrete floor ...
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