How do I stop static cling?


There are many ways of doing this they may include:taking your clothes out of the dryer before they are completely dry and letting them air dry,making the air moist by use of a humidifier,also by avoiding clothes that have a natural tendency to cling
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1. Run a wire coat hanger up and down the length of the garment and inside of it. 2. Place the clothing in the bathroom on a hanger after or while the shower is running and there
1. Get an anti-static dryer sheet. Ad. 2. Hold the skirt of the dress away from your legs and rub the underside of the fabric with the dryer sheet. 3. If the dress still clings a
Spray clothing lightly with hairspray to get
when various fabrics rub together, excess charges are picked up by some and lost by others, creating a build-up of charges. opposites attract--like charges repel
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How to Stop Static Cling
Static cling is not only irritating, but can be embarrassing as well, especially if you happen to be in a skirt. Cold weather and dry air tend to be factors in this frustrating clothing blunder, making it so that even using a fabric softener in the dryer... More »
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There are several things you can try to stop static cling while wearing clothing. They make a spray you can use to spray you or the clothing. You can also carry ...
There are a number of remedies that can be used to remove a static cling from your clothes. For instance, if you are wearing clothes that have a static cling, ...
To remove static cling from a dress, lay the clothing on the bed and run a metal hanger along the underside of the dress. Another option is, while wearing a dress ...
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