How Do I Stop Thinking about a Girl?


You stop thinking about her because you probably don't like her anymore. Usually when you are young, interests change. You can change daily-weekly, etc. She might no longer fit your interests. 
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1. Ask her out. If you're thinking about her all the time, chances are you like her. The only way to find out if she likes you too and put your mind at rest is to ask her on a date.
According to pediatricians, girls stop growing about two years after their first menstruation. So if you started your period at 12 you will reach your height around 14 years of age.
Women have not always dominated or led social media. Reddit, Digg, Slashdot are very successful social media communities and have a majority of male users. To answer your question,
uuh.maybe cuz ur crazy about her! look, if u like her, dont do that big flowery stuff, just say, hey i like u sup.
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The way to stop thinking about something is to keep one's self busy. Talk to a friend about positive topics or listen to music. ...
To stop thinking about a specific guy, you need to get your mind off of him! Get out and mingle. Go talk to other guys. Have fun! Don't let one person take up ...
It can be very hard to not think about a guy you have feelings for. The best way is to stay busy with family, friends, and hobbies. You need to find another guy ...
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